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Our Services

Kitchen countertops Fabrications and Installations.

We Install natural stones such as granite, quartz, marble quartzite, onyx, porcelain soapstone and much more for kitchen countertops. Kitchens are the heart of your house, where your family spends most of their time. We have many recommendations for kitchen countertops if you want same stone backsplashes or if you want waterfall with it.

Bathroom Vanity Countertops Remodeling.

We serve around Santa Cruz and Monterey counties and along the bay area. The best company for countertop fabrication and installation service is Central Coast Countertops. Our team knows how to install the right slab countertops for your bathroom. Choose us to turn your bathroom countertops to the next level!

Tile Installation and renovation.

Floor tiles should be as beautiful as easy to clean! At Central Coast Countertops, we can install a diverse range of tile floors, tile showers, tile backsplashes from ceramic to granite and everything in between. Central Coast Countertops create a unique look with tile flooring and alternate colors and tones, for a modern yet warm floor. You might also prefer a trendy, single tile color finish for a clean and crispy aesthetic. All floor tiles are durable, hard-wearing, and many have a simple wipe-clean nature, for a floor you're sure to love for many years to come.

Granite BBQ`S Countertops Installation.

Quartzite is also an excellent option for your BBQ design and installation. It has similar properties to granite and is very durable. Both options are also very easy to clean without any fuss. Like our kitchen and bathroom vanities, we offer many different styles colors and edges. You have the option of stone only or stone with tile. We install a wide selection of tile in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Shower walls and tubs surrounds installation.

Tub surrounds and slab shower walls from Central Coast Countertops will transform instantly the look of your shower or bathtub. These versatile, ready-to-install options of slabs are easy to clean, look great, and can immediately upgrade unsightly walls in your bathroom tub or shower. Central Coast Countertops offers shower and tub surrounds for a variety of configurations and components, including corner showers! We offer many installation options to build in shelving to make storing bath products a breeze.



Nothing beats relaxing on a chilly evening with a cup of something warm and a fire in the hearth. Traditionally a place to cook and a way to heat a home, today’s fireplace serves more as an accessory than a necessity—but a coveted one at that.
A fireplace is a safe place for a fire, lit to give off light and heat. Generally made of brick or stone, a fireplace includes a firebox to contain the fire, a chimney to channel smoke and toxic gas out of the space, and several other key elements.

Our Professional Services

Our job is transform your home into an art piece with our stunning countertops!